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Parts, services and repairs 

Our trained professionals offer different services in the marine diesel field. Repairs are necessary to keep your boat afloat and running. Whether it be preventative or emergency, our experienced team can help you out!  We are equipped to travel for repairs, while also offering in-shop services at your convenienceHere are a few details - call in-store to see how we can help!



We offer a wide variety of fittings for any aspect of your vessel - pumps, transmissions and everything else you need! Check out our Brands page to see what we carry.

We are particularly proud to be an official AEL Ltd. retailer for all of your vessel electronics. 


Repairs and Services

Whether it be regular maintenance or emergency, we are here to help. Call us anytime to see what we can do for you - we are fully equipped for mobile and on-site as necessary and are willing to travel to meet your needs. 

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